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North Shore Endodontic Solutions

Port Jefferson Station, NY


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Patient Testimonials
Being an extremely anxious and fearful patient, I was put at ease by Dr. Lamia and had no pain at all (I did take Advil for 2 days after major root canal). The doctor was right when he told me it wouldn’t hurt. He is skillful and calm and I would recommend this practice to everyone. Great staff too!
Joan T

My experience with Dr. Osbourne and the rest of the staff has been nothing but pleasant. I was hesitant to have the procedure completed but after living through it I couldn't have been more happier with the results. I would absolutely recommend your office to anyone needing a root canal.
Kelly N

I was surprised I was not sore after this procedure but it feels great. The level of professionalism and caring is superb. You guys always go above and beyond. I highly recommend your office.
Dawn B

Very personalized care, entire staff professional, courteous and caring. Would not go elsewhere and would highly recommend.
Marsha F

A very positive experience. I was very nervous and the staff and Dr. Lamia were very professional and concerned about my well being.
Karen G

My confidence in your practice began with my first phone conversation and increased as I met each staff member,through Dr.Lamia who is an exceptionally skilled and caring endodontist. I could feel his investment in saving my tooth, and he worked hard at doing so, while keeping me apprised of things. I will highly recommend him!

Virginia B

I love everyone in this office. I was treated with immense care and I felt very safe while I was being worked on. I am a very hard patient to have and Dr.Lamia and the other staff handled me with ease. I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. I am very lucky to have gone to this office for my root canal. I can not thank you all enough for the wonderful experience. I've never felt so safe in a dentist's office.

Emily M

A most calming supportive atmosphere. Feeling of trust and safety with dentist and staff. total respect for the patient

Geraldine K

...what can I say? apologies for almost falling asleep in the chair 3 times! Thank you for a very quick and easy experience to Dr. Lamia and company. Dr.'re the best A+++!

Susan H

Just wanted to say that as ridiculously anxious as I am over dentists, you were all very very kind and sweet !!! Extremely professional and patient ! I love your practice and everyone that works there. Dr lamia is amazing and awesome of course ! Thank you for putting up with my unwarranted fear ! I will recommend you to everyone I know ! The BEST people !! Thank you !!

Beatrice F

Very nice office. Dr. Lamia and all staff members were friendly and helpful. It was as nice of an experience as a root canal can be..


Can one say they enjoyed Root Canal? But I can. Everyone was so nice, We listened to music we all grew up with and enjoyed. I was comfortable, Dr Lamia was Calm and caring so was his assistant. I was there 3 hours, never did I feel the time. Dr Lamia even gave me a follow up call, how nice, A great experience. Thank-you

Janice C.

All of my experiences with this office have been as enjoyable as a dental visit can be. EVERYONE is more than nice and attentive to my issues!

Mandra C.

The efficiency of the practice - from the waiting room time being brief to the co-payment being completed at the end of the service date - is exemplary. You should export it to every health care professional's office! :)

Ira A.

When I almost fall asleep while getting a root canal, I'm pretty sure I am in good hands - great doctor and terrific staff!

Charles B

Very happy with the service and professional manner of the entire practice. All practices should be run this way

Joseph A.

Dr. Lamia is without a doubt the best. Absolutely painless, before- during- & afterwards. He fully explains the procedure and the " what if's" prior to beginning the procedure Sort of like the fun part of a root canal. Would not hesitate to go back to him if ever the need should arise. He also knows all the Eagle's songs...a plus. Thanks're the best Dennis

Dennis O

So very impressed with Dr. Lamia. Very thorough and explained everything to me in terminology I could understand. All the staff were great too. Would highly recommend this practice.

Pauline H